Current Mortgage Rates and Real Estate Sales

We are well into the buying season for real estate. This usually starts in March and continues through September. Here in Southern California, with our warmer weather, we often see it last through November. I’m definitely seeing a pick-up in buyers looking for their first home. But, it’s a very tough market. There are too many buyers for too few homes, leading to a lot of frustration. Even so, persistence pays off. Many of my clients who stayed in the game have succeeded in getting an accepted offer. So, don’t give up and insure that your loan approval stays current so that you can act quickly and win!

One good thing: mortgage rates have actually decreased a bit from the beginning of the year. This is good news for borrowers who thought they would have to pay much higher rates for purchase or refinance loans.

As I wrote last time, there are a number of low down payment programs, one as low as 1% down. You don’t have to have a large amount of money to get into a home.

Give me a call if you want to see what rate and down payment options are available to you.