Savings on Insurance for homeowners and renters

Piggy bankFor homeowners: If you raise the deductible on your insurance from $500 to $2500, it could save you $200 a year if you have a high value home. Plus, you won’t be tempted to make minor claims that could lead to a rate increase.

For renters: Did you know that your landlord does not cover any losses of personal property that might occur as the result of fire, roof leaks, pipe breaks or theft? You can cover these with renter’s insurance. Most couples have about $50,000 worth of personal property. This can be covered with a policy that costs about $250 a year. It also provides up to $500,000 of liability insurance in case someone injures themself in your property. (You would have to get additional coverage for any jewelry or coins.) Give me a call you have questions or interest and I can refer you to insurance agents that can help.

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