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Looking to invest your money in an income property? Today’s market offers great opportunities for this. With the current economic situation, many people with reduced incomes can’t afford their homes and are becoming renters. Others, with reduced incomes can’t afford to buy their own homes and continue to rent. There is a strong demand for good rental units.

Income properties are a bit more complicated as a transaction. You need someone experienced with these transactions as your lending advisor.

I have owned and managed income properties for over 30 years. With this experience I know exactly how to get you a great loan that will work for you.

I concentrate on loans for rental properties up to 4 units. That’s where I can get you the better deals for mortgage loans. I can also help with larger sized properties. Usually, with first-time investors it’s best to start with 4 units or less. There is less to manage and you can get a feel for whether or not being a landlord will work for you.

Give me a call and we can discuss your investment goals. I’ll structure a loan that will work best for you. Call me at 818-952-8666.

“David was great in every way possible. We’ve gotten two income property loans and a refinance through him. That we went back to him twice should say it all. David bent over backwards for us on a loan that proved tricky to get. He worked with us several months before the purchase to be sure it was the right loan for us. It ended up being a terrific loan at a great rate and cost.

“As I said, he truly bent over backwards for us and went beyond the normal loan officer duties, even going so far as to help us with our offer and working directly with our agent to make sure the sale transaction went smoothly. He was always clear and thorough in his explanations, and genuinely looked out for our best interests. He was always available by phone or email to answer my questions, even following up on things well after our close. I couldn’t recommend David more.”

Nathan L., Refinance